Antenatal (Pre-Delivery) Counselling


Ideal Months: 6th-8th months of Pregnancy

Family / Individual / Group Counseling

Source of information: WHO, UNICEF, BPNI Maharashtra

Duration: Only one session of  1 Hr.

Questions related to Breastfeeding Practices 50 minutes
Questions related to Child Care 10 minutes
Total Duration: 60 minutes

Initiation of Breastfeeding in labour room – by Breast Crawl 


Induced Lactation / Relactation


The process of restarting breastfeeding in a mother who was lactating for some period after the delivery but had stopped breastfeeding for some reason eg. Reduced supply after joining work or after a breastfeeding problem or illness.
Induced Lactation
The process of inducing breastmilk formation in a mother who has not delivered in the immediate past or at any time prior eg. Adoption, Surrogacy Guidance and Help for above will be provided.



Postnatal (Post- Delivery) Counselling


Postnatal (Post- Delivery) Counselling

  • Practically very useful
  • One to One Session
  • Attachment and Positioning can be demonstrated
  • Breastmilk Expression can be taught
  • Prevention and management of Problems: Cracked nipples, Engorgement, Less milk etc.
  • Assessment and suggestions to support the mother
Breastmilk Expression

Positioning – Learn Many More…

Important to know:

  1. How frequently mother should feed the baby after delivery?
  2. How to wake up a sleepy baby?
  3. How to know that the baby is hungry?
  4. How to know if baby is getting enough in first few days?
  5. Exclusive breastfeeding and how long mother should continue breastfeeding?
  6. No bottles, pacifiers, tinned milk or readymade baby foods at any time

Special help and Counselling in Positioning/Attachment/Expression/Storage in view of breastfeeding problems arising due to High Risk Babies