Dr. Kamaxi Bhate  |  Professor Community Medicine

Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai

I have known Swati Temkar since last 10 years as a National Trainer  for Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN). She is very good in three languages Marathi, Hindi and English’. I have seen her take workshops with primary trainers in Marathi and Hindi for UNICEF with such involvement and making subject very easy for them’.

Swati has been so thorough with the subject that she conducts trainings for not only Health workers, Paramedical workers, Nursing staffs but also for Doctors. She makes the subject so interesting and easy to understand, that trainees get thoroughly involved. She can carry on the entire day’s session confidently on her own.

She gives practical insights in difficulties in Breastfeeding, positions and details of preparations of Complementary feeds. She makes child care session full of examples and explanations. Her training skills reflect a strong practical background in counselling and helping mothers to breastfeed successfully.

Swati, has completed her International exam and she is International  Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). emphasises her  involvement and commitment to breastfeeding.

She has conducted trainings of IYCN for Post Graduate Medical students also with ease. I would recommend her as very thorough IYCN trainers for any faculty.

Dr. Jayashree Mondkar  |  Professor and Head Dept of Neonatalogy

L. T. M. G. Hospital (Sion Hospital), Mumbai

It is pleasure to introduce Swati Temkar, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) attend to postpartum mothers at this institution from 1st  Oct 2009.

The department of Neonatology & Obstetrics at the 3 teaching municipal hospitals of the MCGM in partnership with the BPNI Maharashtra had started a collaborative Mother support group programme from Oct 2009 and Swati Temkar has been working with these departments under this programme. Her duties to LTMGH include group lactation counseling to antenatal mothers, supporting mothers for early initiation of breastfeeding in the labour room, group health talk to mothers in the postnatal wards and neonatal unit. Her role also includes identifying mothers with lactation problems and individually counselling them.  She also attends the Pediatric Nutrition OPD where she assists in counseling and growth monitoring of children. Swati has also plays an important role in training health care workers and has conducted training programmes for nurses as well as doctors.

During the three and half years that Swati Temkar has worked with us, I have found her to be committed and hard working. She has good communication skills, empathy for her clients and thus is able to build up a good rapport with the mothers. She also diligently follows up the mothers with lactation problems till they are successfully able to breastfeed.

Among her special qualities are her pleasant temperament and her communication skills  which makes her an excellent trainer in lactation management. Swati Temkar is an asset. I am sure she will do justice to any post of lactation consultant offered to her.

 Dr. Usha Paralkar | M. D. D. G. O

Shree Surgical Maternity and Nursing Home, Malad.

It gives me a great pleasure in writing this testimonial for Swati Temkar. She has been associated with our maternity home as Mother Support Leader / Lactation Consultant since Aug 2002. Swati has satisfactorily conducted pre-delivery and post-delivery sessions for maternity home over a decade. She demonstrates excellent theoretical knowledge, practical understanding and counseling skills in routine cases and in management of mothers and babies with problems. She is good at counseling mothers and their family members from all background in a simple and effective manner. I have seen her communicate with parents in Marathi, Hindi and English and get across key points successfully.

She has been punctual, responsible and hard working. While dealing with mothers she has a very loving and affectionate attitude which is so much necessary in this profession. She has a pleasant personality and has cordial relationship with other staff members.

I have seen her develop from simple Mother Support Counsellor to the highest credential of Internantional Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Her years of experience as State Level IYCN (Infant and Young Child Nutrition) Trainer with BPNI Maharashtra and as a Lactation Consultant at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital (Sion Hospital) has greatly sharpened her skills. Her appointment as Lactation Consultant at Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Hospital) Mahim, Mumbai a year ago has added a feather to her cap.

It has been my delight to work with her and I have no hesitation I recommending her as a Lactation Consultant. I am sure that she will succeed in carrying out the responsibilities and will be as asset to any institution she joins.

Dr. Asmita Mahajan, | MD, DNB, DCH [Pediatrics],

S.L.Raheja Hospital [A Fortis Associate], Mahim.

It is a pleasure to introduce Swati Temkar, IBCLC, Lactation consultant, who has been attending to postpartum mothers in this institution, since 1st August 2012.

The Mother and child care centre of S.L. Raheja, A Fortis Associate hospital in association with BPNI Mumbai recruited the services of Swati Temkar and she has been working with us consistently in this capacity.

Her duties at SLRH include counseling mothers who have undergone delivery recently and need maximum support to initiate and maintain breastfeeding successfully. She attends to mothers with well babies in the postnatal ward, as well as mothers of sick or recovering babies in NICU. She fluently communicates with Marathi, Hindi and English and explains key points effectively.

She is of extreme help in counseling mothers with varied lactation problems like engorgement, flat or retracted nipples, etc. Mothers of twins, triplets etc have found her guidance very useful.

Swati Temkar is also playing an important role in training health care workers and has conducted training programs for nurses and resident doctors of the hospital.

During the two years, Swati Temkar has been working with us, I have found her to be dedicated and hardworking. She is punctual and promptly responds to calls. She has good communication skills and empathy for her clients and hence she is able to build up a good rapport with the mothers. She diligently follows up the mothers with lactation problems and helps them till they are able to successfully breastfeed.

Among her special qualities are her very pleasant personality; and her excellent theoretical knowledge about breastfeeding and its issues practically helps many breastfeeding mothers. It has been a delight to work with her and she will surely be a great asset for any institute she joins as lactation consultant.


Tina Gurnani, Andheri: I delivered a baby boy in July. He weighed 3.2 kg at birth. I was misguided about having flat/inverted nipples and was made to believe I am not lactating well as my son was not putting on weight. His pediatrician advised me then to meet a lactation consultant. I met Swati. On meeting her I came to know, neither I have flat or inverted nipples nor I was lactating well. She cleared a lot of myths and educated me. She taught me various feeding positions and how to latch the baby right. She formulated a plan for me eventually. I managed to see my baby grow in a beautiful infant. All thanks to her. I truly believe all new mothers should go through a session with her. I have recommended Swati to some of my expectant friends who are as ignorant as I was. Thank you once again.

Nayab Rehan Temrikar, Jogeshwari: I would like to thank you for giving me your precious 2 hours and teaching me the correct method of breastfeeding. I am happy to inform you that now I am able to sit & feed my baby well.He is able to suck properly thanks for your guidance.I am getting enough milk. Thank you for the help.

Seema Manchanda, Powai: Being a new mother I was struggling my baby as I was not doing it right. Swati helped me and taught me the right technique. She was warm, cordial and empathetic towards me. She reached my home at 7.30 in the morning and that also on a very short notice. She has been just a call away since the time I have met her. I am glad to have met Swati. Thank you so much for everything.

Rasika Mandke, Dadar: I got your reference from Dr Mansi Medhekar. Fixing an appointment with you was prompt and not a fuss at all. My baby was about 10 – 12 days old when I had your session. It was knowledgeable and very informative. I came to know many facts and myths. It was very pro and practical.

 Shilpa, Mulund: This session is really helpful for new mothers like me. It proved to be great for my baby’s health and me too.

Pallavi & Aditya Barve, Bandra: As new parents it is tough to understand the needs of your baby. In my first week of becoming a mother I faced problems with breastfeeding. The baby had latched well but I felt the milk supply was less and my nipples were sore. This not only affected my breastfeeding but also weakened my confidence. My doctor asked me to consult Swati Temkar for guidance. She changed my perspective about breastfeeding. Not only is she very knowledgeable and trained in her field but she also has a very human touch to her advice. She helped me understand my baby’s needs and how they can be fulfilled. She followed up on my progress and continued to guide me till I successfully resolved my breastfeeding problems. She is very approachable and conscious about giving you value for your money and time. I would highly recommend her services to all new parents, irrespective of whether you are facing a problem or not.